Land & New Homes

Unlock Development Potential Within Your Land or Property

Have you ever wondered whether the land you have or the property you own could be worth more as a development opportunity?

With 108 years of combined experience across our three leading branches based in Ashtead, Fetcham and Epsom, and with links through our associated office in St James, London, V&H Homes are able to assess the potential of your asset and maximise its value.

The teams at V&H Homes can provide you with the expertise needed to carefully assess a site and then package the opportunity it offers in a way that ensures we obtain the best possible price.

V&H Homes are the best port of call for anyone who owns a land or property with potential development, and offer the following:
• Connections to local and national developers who we have long established relationships with
• An extensive and market leading database that ensures that the most up to date and beneficial advice is at hand
• Access to top planning consultants who can give the best advice as to how we can sell your asset to maximise its value

Achieve the Best Price for New Homes

V&H Homes have been the agent of choice for multiple local and national developers to sell new homes in Surrey. We have extensive experience and success in managing new development sales, both on and off plan. Numerous property developers have achieved the best price through utilising our local property market expertise and high end marketing capabilities to maximise property values.

V&H Homes are the Preferred Local Agent for:

Barratt Homes | Bewley Homes | Paradigm Land | Croudace Homes | Kinloch Developments
...& Numerous Others

"V&H Homes have restored my confidence in conventional estate agency services."

Enjoy the Benefits of Buying a Brand-New Home

As the agent of choice for many of London and Surrey’s top developers and local housebuilders, V&H Homes can provide you with the best advice on buying a new home.

There are a range of benefits to buying a new build property, including:

Effecting the finish

Opportunities exist with most new build purchases to influence the final finish


Many new builds are government backed with a variety of schemes available

Reduced Running Costs

Current Regulations require newly built properties to be energy efficient

Peace of Mind

New build properties come with warranties and insurances.

If you buy a new home with V&H Homes, we can advise you on the specifics of these warranties and insurances

If you have property or land that you want valued, are a property developer or are thinking of buying a new build property, in Ashtead, Fetcham, Leatherhead, Epsom, Bookham or the surrounding areas, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our award-winning teams.